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Life On The Go!

Hello again! I promise to blog a little more then I have.  Life has been really busy for me and my growing family.  I am now a mom of 3 amazing little boys.

I’ve been trying to find the time to make patterns or for that matter just the opportunity to crochet or knit.  With 3 active boys all under 6 years old its hard finding a non mom moment, if that exists.

Lately I’ve been working on  c2c blanket, a present that is a few years over due.  I blame that on yarn aversion during pregnancy and then once babies came that’s another thing.  The whole sleep when baby sleeps… Nope! Momma was busy cleaning and getting ready for the next round of chaos.

I have managed to save several really cool patterns that I have stumbled upon on Facebook.  One of these days I will start creating and possibly sell a few items on this page.

For now it’s  running boys to school, scouts and play dates.  Until next time!

If you have any questions for me or have an idea for my next blog shoot me a message below.

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